Darth Vader onesie recalled for choking hazard

Darth Vader onesie recalled for choking hazard
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A Darth Vader-themed infant bodysuit sold at Disney parks and resorts has just been recalled due to a choking hazard. If only they’d seen the movies, maybe somebody would’ve seen this coming.

Thankfully there are no reported injuries, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but the Star Wars onesies have three snaps on the bottom which can detach when exposed to the dark side, or just randomly. And if a baby can detach something small, there’s a risk of it going in their mouth.

Until the Jan. 19 recall, the onesie could be purchased at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and other Disney attractions. Anyone who’s already bought one is encouraged to contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for a refund, and to keep Darth Vader out of reach from their kids. A similar, blue Disneyland 60th anniversary onesie was also included in the recall for the same problems.

The onesie itself was black and gray, and featured a cutesy big-headed Darth Vader surrounded by the quote, “If you only knew the power of THE DARK SIDE.”€ If Disney parks didn’t know before, hopefully they do now.


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