Disgraceful Moment A Drunk Man Spits In The Face Of A Female Taxi Driver Caught On Camera

Disgraceful Moment A Drunk Man Spits In The Face Of A Female Taxi Driver Caught On Camera

Posted on January 18 2016 at 21:34 pm

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Spitting is disgusting, fact. Personally I’d much prefer to be sworn at, slapped or even punched rather than somebody forcibly eject saliva in my direction. On January 12th a female taxi driver, known as Kris, was subjected to the repugnant act at the hands, or more so mouth, of a tipsy male passenger outside the Stag’s Head pub in Newport, Lincoln.

A needless argument was sparked after the 31-year-old asked one of her passengers to close the door because it was raining. The confrontation that ensued was captured on the cab’s dashcam. It resulted in the man sitting in the front seat spitting in Kris’ face and calling her a “pig.”

The cabbie told the Lincolnshire Echo:

“I was called for a pick up at pub. The caller wanted a taxi to North Greetwell. Two men and a woman got in the car. They were not sober but not overly drunk.

I asked them if they could shut the back door. They said they were waiting for one more person but I said could they just shut the door while we waited.

The man in the front was being quite funny from when they got in. He was saying he didn’t want to sit in the front because then he would have to pay.

He started calling me names so I said ‘pardon?’. I was trying to be professional. I was thinking at that point I would send the job back and get someone else to pick them up so I asked them to leave.”

The argument quickly escalated, which can be seen in the Metro‘s footage below.

The incident has since been reported to the police. Hopefully Kris, who has had to take time off work since the incident, will get the justice she deserves. No person should ever be subjected to such repulsive behaviour. What a despicable human being.

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