‘Fish Gape’ Is The New ‘Duck Face’ When It Comes To Selfies

‘Fish Gape’ Is The New ‘Duck Face’ When It Comes To Selfies

Posted on January 18 2016 at 22:00 pm

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Remember the duck face? The quest for the perfect pouty lips was not just irritating, it also inspired one of the worst trends of 2015, the Kylie Jenner challenge.

Well have no fear, there’s a new face in town. The fish gape is the duck face’s gentler, less aggressive cousin.

To practice the look for yourself, lift your chin and part your mouth slightly. The perfect fish gape shows just a hint of pearly whites.

But beware, there’s a very fine line between caught-off-guard cool and looking like an idiot.

For inspiration take a look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the undisputed queen of the fish gape.

I mean, come on. She’s got it down.

Here is Ms Levato executing a perfect fish-gape/ selfie claw combo.

And boys, don’t feel left out – here’s David Gandy demonstrating that this is a trend for everyone.

So give your cheek muscles a rest and put the duck face to bed. All that’s left is to wonder what’s next around the corner. The swordfish smirk? The lobster laugh?

In other selfie news, this guy has perfected the art of the animal selfie, and the results are amazing.

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