Gangs Of Owls Are Taking Over, This One Attacked A Police Officer And Crashed His Car

Gangs Of Owls Are Taking Over, This One Attacked A Police Officer And Crashed His Car

Posted on December 30 2015 at 18:15 pm

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It turns out that owls and the disaffected youth have something in common – their dislike of authority. Once perceived of as wise, thoughtful creatures, it turns out that they are actually violent thugs. It’s thought that owls operate in gangs and that a new initiation ritual for pledgers sees them attempt to commandeer a police car.

As the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to authority, you would have thought that this would suffice. However, one owl decided to take it a step further – attempting to commandeer a police car whilst the officer was still inside. Officer Lance Benjamin was patrolling a Louisiana subdivision late on Thursday night when he was almost carjacked.


As part of a pre-meditated attack, the owl is thought to have undertaken a number of ‘flybys’ before entering the vehicle via an open window. Benjamin told Fox 8 News that he consequently lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a ditch, at which point the bird began to peck at him – urging him to get out of the vehicle.

The avian attacker then sat in the passenger seat for 45 minutes, before eventually giving up and flying away. Quite how this determined owl planned to drive the car I don’t know. If this all sounds too fantastical for you to believe, just check out this footage caught by officer Benjamin.


No, I didn’t find it very convincing either. Maybe it was the lighting. Either way, I expect your perception of these winged creatures to have done a complete 180. If you ever thought that an owl would be too boring to bring to a party, think again. They’re always up for a good time, they’re always the first to see the cops coming and they love breaking the rules. In short, they’re a hoot.


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