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K is my new bitch posted on January 6, 2022 at 12:04 am

Bitch please. Your dumbass response is the typical redneck conservative retort.

The ones who usually complain the loudest, are the ones with something to hide.

Shall we look at the evidence?
-Randy Boehning
-Steve Wiles
-George Rekers
-Pastor Eddie Long
-Troy King
-Richard Curtis
-Ted Haggard
-Glenn Murphy Jr
-David Dreier
-Bruce Barclay
-Roy Ashburn
-Larry Craig
-Ed Schrock
-Robert Allen
-Mark Foley
-Phillip Hinkle
-Roberto Arango
-Pastor Matthew Makela

Do I really need to keep going? All these guys were staunchly anti-gay and guess what? They all enjoyed a little dick on the side.

Before you get your panties all waded up and go on your usual “libtard” tirade, I didn’t vote for Obama, I think he’s an idiot, an impotent puppet who has absolutely no business being the leader of this country. I also hate the fact that my taxes are used for entitlement programs, like guns and believe in hard work.

I’m also open minded enough to know that if one dude (or girl) wants to marry another dude (or girl), it has absolutely no bearing on my life.

You couldn’t win an argument against a wet paper bag. All you can do is regurgitate religious and conservative propaganda without any evidence to back up your shit.

I almost feel bad for beating on mentally deficient people like yourself. Almost. Every time a hypocrite gets called out, I feel a little tingling, a sort of vindication. Their “hidden” actions show us just how ridiculous their “public” actions are

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