Polar Bear Cub Who Can’t Swim Falls Into The Water, Mum Rushes To Its Rescue

Polar Bear Cub Who Can’t Swim Falls Into The Water, Mum Rushes To Its Rescue

Posted on January 08 2016 at 17:33 pm

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Raise your hand if you think your mum is a legend.

I’m imagining that the majority of you are waving your arms pretty frantically in the air above you right now. If you are in a public place I suggest that you return them to your sides because you are probably getting some pretty strange looks.

From the moment you are born your mother has an unshakeable love for you. Even if you are a little shit it’s programmed into her brain that she will be forever devoted to you. When we are little tots mums will try to keep us away from danger at all times, and this is not a unique human attribute. In the animal kingdom mums large and small are protectors of their young offspring.

Polar bears are often hitting headlines pictured clinging onto melting blocks of ice or going head to head in a fight till death battle, but when it comes to parenting we are not too dissimilar. When this cub who cannot swim takes a tumble into the water its mother’s maternal instinct kicks in and she swiftly comes to its rescue. But it’s the way in which she handles the situation that makes the video worth your while.

The big bear instinctively dives in and comes to the rescue of her child, but instead of dragging them out and giving them a good telling off she teaches her cub a lesson in perseverance.

After that experience I’m pretty sure this little rascal will be staying well clear of the water for a while. However, at least they now know what to do if the same happens again. Every cloud.

All hail the mums of the world, bear and human, you bunch of legends.

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