This Woman Just Performed An Entire Concert Up Pregnant Ladies’ Vaginas

This Woman Just Performed An Entire Concert Up Pregnant Ladies’ Vaginas

Posted on January 06 2016 at 11:49 am

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So you’ve all heard of the term ‘a one man band’ right? But have you ever heard of a ‘one vagina concert’? No, me neither. Until now of course.

Babypod is a vaginal speaker, a device that broadcasts music right up a lady’s private parts to the unborn baby inside. It is literally an iPod for your vagina that lets you play tunes to your foetus.

The tampon-like audio gadget works by paring with your phone and sends a soothing 54 decibels of sound into your womb. Pretty cool right? One of these bad boys can be up yours for around $133. Yes it’s pretty pricey but after research has suggested that a foetus can respond to musical stimulus, wouldn’t it be nice to award them with a little pre-party before they enter the real world?


In October Dr. Marisa Lopez-Teijon led a pretty extraordinary study. Her and her team of scientists discovered that unborn babies are able to hear just 16 weeks into gestation, contrary to prior belief that this didn’t happen until between 18 and 26 weeks. Their findings suggested that a foetus responds to music when it is transmitted intravaginally.

How? I hear you ponder. Well apparently the little things moved their mouths and tongues. Dr. Lopez-Teijon said that the movement was “as if they were trying to speak or sing.” Or maybe they were trying to tell them to skip to the next song, who knows?

The Spanish company’s website states:

“Babies learn to speak in response to sound stimuli, especially melodic sound. Babypod is a device that stimulates before birth through music. With Babypod, babies learn to vocalise from the womb.”

Shortly before Christmas singer Soraya performed for 10 expectant mothers. They stuck the speakers down below and enjoyed a whole new experience, a private concert like no woman or foetus had ever encountered before.


So the burning question is: did the Eurovision contestant sing ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time?’, ‘Baby Got Back?’ or Justine Bieber’s ‘Baby?’ Evidently not. But the Spaniard did serenade the audience with ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ and no one can beat a bit of Mariah, right?

Soraya, who brought music to the ears and vaginas of expectant mothers as well as their unborn children, said: “I’ve never performed for such a young audience.” Well, duh.

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