Watch Episode 3 of Star Salvation

Watch Episode 3 of Star Salvation

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Just as the remaining Food Network Star finalists worked with their own food wheel this week (remember when the wheel matched bread pudding and kimchi, octopus and macaroni and cheese?), so did the hopefuls on Star Salvation. Host Eddie Jackson unveiled what he called “the wheel of innovation,” which meant that the name of the game was transformation, giving new life and reinventing an everyday ingredient. While Yaku and Rob worked with different boxed items, Monterey was saddled with canned liver pâté. It was up to her to turn this less-than-desirable ingredient into something craveable. Her solution: noodles. And the results were anything but what you’d expect.

Click the play button on the video above to see how Monterey handled the pâté, and find out which competitor was sent home for good this week.

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